Whangarei Heads School are delighted to be working alongside local company “Oceandiversity Sea Adventures” (OSA) to help them promote marine conservation and sustainable fishing through our latest fishing category “Catch ‘n Release”.

Fishing competitors are encouraged to catch a snapper, measure it against the legal size guide provided and take a photo (complete with date and time). The snapper is then released again with a photo capturing the moment. These photos will then be downloaded, printed and displayed at the event. The biggest snapper released will win the wonderful prize of a day trip for up to 6 people to the Chicken Islands where snorkelling gear will be made available for exploring the marine life around this area, assisted by the experienced team from OSA. Oceandiversity have a formula which allows them to calculate the approximate weight of the fish purely from its size.

Please note: The trip to the Chicken Islands is subject to availability and bookings are essential. People of all ages and abilities are welcome and catered for. Snorkelling gear will be provided free of charge for ‘no-take’ snorkelling as the gear has been sponsored by ‘Wettie’ for the purposes of marine conservation. If passengers wish to collect seafood on the trip they must provide their own snorkel gear or arrange to hire gear from Dive HQ Whangarei.

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