The weather forecast wasn’t too great – but for most people the fishing turned out fine in the end! Everybody’s feet were muddy and it was getting dark – but there were some awesome bargains at the fish auction!

We’re thankful that Sunday’s weather was better than Saturday’s and that the forecast wind stayed away. We’re stoked for Alanah Vinson, winner of a 4 day trip to Vanuatu. And we’re please for Whangarei Heads School and Community Library who stand to benefit considerable from another great day’s fishing.

But what did you make of the day? We’d like to hear your stories and get your feedback. You might want to talk about the weather, the fishing, the competition with its categories & rules, or maybe about the way the afternoon went at the weigh-in, prize-giving and auction. If you have anything to say about Funky Fishing just leave a comment below this post!