Funky Fish Rules

FISHING AREA: Whangarei Harbour & between Kauri Mountain, Hen & Chicks & Bream Tail.

START & END TIMES: Fishing starts Saturday 6 April, 3:00 pm onwards until the close of weigh-in Sunday 7 April 2:30 pm.

WEIGH-IN: Between 11:00 am and 2:30 pm Sun 7 April at Taurikura Beach site. You must be in the queue before the weigh-in closes. Late fish will not be accepted into the competition.

CATEGORIES: Adults (male or female), Junior (10-15 yrs), Nipper (up to 9 yrs).

FISHING: Snapper, Kingfish, Kahawai, Trevally, John Dory, Sprat (Nipper), Mystery Weight Snapper, Average Snapper, Catch and Release, Woman Snapper.

DIVING: Adults – Snapper, Kingfish, Crayfish. Junior & Nipper Combined – Snapper, Kingfish.

(Diving categories are not eligible for fishing categories).

CATCH & RELEASE: Snapper Category. Take a cell phone picture of the fish against a legal fish size/measure guide, also capture the release of the fish. A mob video may be presented of the fish being caught & released. (TIP: check/set your mob to capture time and location of catch and release pic’s) Produce the mob photos at weigh-in with evidence of date, time, size and release of the fish checked. A witness should also be present at weigh-in to verify catch and release. The Weigh Master has sole discretion of acceptance of the entry.


  1. All persons in a fishing party must have a ticket.
  2. All fish and crayfish presented for weigh-in must meet legal size and catch limits.
  3. Maximum of 1 kahawai per person weighed in.
  4. Except for Dive categories, all fish must be caught using rod and reel, no more than 2 hooks per line, no long lines, kites, kontikis, spearguns or nets permitted.
  5. All fish presented, must be kept on ice/ chilled in good fresh condition, the weigh master has sole discretion to accept fish and has the right to gut or open fish for inspection.
  6. All fish entered becomes the property of Funky Fishing Competition.
  7. The angler must weigh-in their own fish and present category ticket.
  8. Each fish can be entered into 1 category only, appropriate to age/category.
  9. Nipper, Junior and Adults category fish presented are all eligible for Average and Mystery Snapper prizes.
  10. Only 1 prize per fish presented is permitted. If a fish has already won a category, then next weight or redraw will take place.
  11. In the event of a tie, the first fish weighed in shall win the prize.
  12. Winners must be on hand at the prize giving to claim prizes.
  13. Draw for the Major Grand Prize Package, the winner MUST be present for the draw or else a redraw shall take place until a winner is found. A form of ID may be requested as evidence of a person or sibling status.
  14. Purchase of a competition ticket, constitutes acceptance of the rules & regs of the competition and contestants agree to abide by the committee & Weigh Master decisions.


  • The Funky Fishing Committee has the right to cancel the fishing competition if sea/weather conditions are deemed unsafe.
  • No refunds will be given.
  • If a cancellation of the fishing contest occurs, prizes will be drawn randomly at the prize-giving site from 3 pm.
  • If extreme weather dictates a relocation of the prize-giving site, signs at Taurikura Bay shall advise of any relocation. Our Facebook page shall also advise on the day if the extreme was to occur. You must be at prizegiving to claim a prize.
  • if the competition is cancelled due to Covid -19, the funky Fishing & Diving committee shall refund tickets at cost value minus any fees.


No liability is accepted by the Funky Fishing Committee or Whangarei Heads School for damage or injury to any person or property.